As the “first impression is believed to be the last impression”. We at the Mehta Jewellers however believe otherwise, “More stress on lasting impression rather than last impression”. We enhance well-crafted jewellery but also deliver personalized and cared for consumer experiences. Working with the well trained personnel with the singular objective of assisting the customers and ensuring a fulfilling experience while shopping at Mehta Jewellers. Believing in the client satisfaction as our priority.

“We continue this legacy with the best efforts in future”
our collection

Diamond Ring-Engagement view more..

Rs. 43542
Discount Rs. 39188
Diamond Ladies Ring / Engagement / DLR_111
Rs. 44715
Discount Rs. 40244
Diamond Ladies Ring / Soliter / DLR_87
Rs. 47582
Discount Rs. 42824
Diamond Ladies Ring / Engagment / DLR_15
Rs. 50447
Discount Rs. 45402
Diamond Ladies Ring / Engagement / DLR_104

Diamond Ring - Casual view more...

Discount Rs. 11187
Rs. 12430
Discount Rs. 13381
Rs. 14868
Diamond Ladies Ring / Casual / DLR_189
Discount Rs. 16543
Rs. 18381
Diamond Ladies Ring / Casual / DLR_139
Discount Rs. 16835
Rs. 18706
Diamond Ladies Ring / Casual / DLR_133

Diamond Earings view more...

Discount Rs. 17187
Rs. 19097
Discount Rs. 18709
Rs. 20788
Discount Rs. 20512
Rs. 22791
Discount Rs. 21741
Rs. 24157
Diamond Tops / MJ_124

Diamond  Pendant view more...

Discount Rs. 13001
Rs. 14446
Diamond Pendent / MJ_144
Discount Rs. 15394
Rs. 17105
Diamond Pendent / DP_23
Discount Rs. 15956
Rs. 17729
Diamond Pendent / MJ_147
Discount Rs. 18142
Rs. 20158
Diamond Pendent / MJ_148



It gives us great pleasure to share with you that MEHTA JEWELLERS has been awarded “the best Nazraana Showroom of Delhi” by Rio Tinto, the leading mining company of the world. Bollywood actress Yaami Gautam presented this award in 2014

Why buy from us?



The quality of diamond is phenomenal

“I had purchased the diamond engagement ring for my Engagement from Mehta Jewellers. My fiancée loved the ring. Mehta Jewellers deep expertise in diamond engagement rings making helped me to win the heart of my sweetheart. I really recommend Mehta Jewellers for jewellry purchase!!”

Prateek Sharma, New Delhi

The perfect jewellery for my wedding

“I found Mehta Jewellers polite, professional and passionate about helping us find the perfect jewellery for my wedding. We were both extremely happy with the result and would recommend them to anyone looking for a good jewellers in New Delhi.”

Ms. Shilpi Gupta

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